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 About Jude Craig

Jude Craig lives and works in the beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and has become increasingly enthralled by the power of colour and light and how it can influence energy levels, mood, physical health and all our ways of being.

Jude launched Colour Healing Art in response to her feeling that much of her colourful work could have a nurturing and healing influence on the viewer.  Feedback supported this intuition and her paintings and artistic expression continue to nourish those who choose to be around her varied portfolio. 

She wanted to be more creative with how her art is presented and started designing home and garden items that enhance spaces.  This is how Jude CHI Colour Healing Interiors was developed and born.


You can find original paintings, prints and fabulous furnishings in Jude Chi and there are opportunities to purchase these directly from a quality British manufacturer.  Also, keep in mind that if you see an artwork that speaks to you and you would like to see used in interior design, Jude would be delighted to do this for you.  There is no extra charge for designing and bespoke, personalised items can be created especially for you or for those you wish to give a special gift to.  Please Message Jude directly for advice on this charming and unique service.  

Each of her paintings is a journey of discovery as she works intuitively, approaching the canvas with an open mind and heart which is a deeply therapeutic process. She delights when surprises happen along the way like heart shapes emerging without intension or a creature that will have suddenly found its way into the canvas.

Jude invites you to climb inside the vision you see, allowing yourself to feel immersed, nurtured and bathed in colour and form. You may see images within her paintings that seem to be uniquely present for you and this adds a flavour of mystery to her work.

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