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Blending my Skills

Those who know me as an artist may be confused that I am sending out lots about meditations to our communities just now. There is a simple answer..... I am a mind and body care therapist as well as an artist. The two for me are inextricably linked. COLOUR and ENERGY is what connects my areas of expertise.

I believe that COLOUR influences our wellness hugely and can be used so well to influence our energy level, mood, to protect and allow us to feel the best we can in any moment. Art ticks this box for me and whatever people hang on their walls is wonderful because it nourishes something deeper in their soul. My colourful paintings seem to speak to those looking for an injection of colour and vitality in their life and time. Colour healing art can be found on

When I am not painting, I offer a wide range of therapies to my clients and mostly focus on wellness of the mind and emotions. is where this is housed.

At this time, I am reaching out to the wider community to offer moments of QUIET CALM while we are all finding our way through unusual times. These free daily meaningful meditations are designed to be deeply relaxing and support our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. At the end of the day it is all about conserving our positive ENERGY and my overriding commitment in all that I do is to support people to use their energy well, wisely and to feel their very best. Supporting my clients to seek out experiences, activities, relationships, work, practices and belongings that truly fill them up with positive energy and all good vibes. It is that basic for me. A quote comes to mind

“It is not how we steer the boat that determines our direction in life, it is how we set our sails”

I invite you to set your sails well, feel the breeze and journey positively........ raise your energy by choosing thoughts that sit well in your soul. Nurture positive thoughts and starve negative ones. Look for the colour and light in all, transforming darkness to brightness.

I am not saying it is easy, especially in challenging times. It is however an option that can fill us up with energy rather than drain us. I truly believe in the power of positive, collective thought to cast light on darker days. More than ever we need to do this now. Art does this really well as it creates an opportunity for our soul to feel fabulous and that positivity can ripple out into our home, our community, our world. I urge you to keep the positive ripples going and may you be safe and well on your soul journey.

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