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Everyone needs a piece of garden

Everyone needs a piece of garden however small to keep them in touch with something deeper within their soul. Anon

This quote was printed on the back door of my flat when I lived in Edinburgh many moons ago. I had a tiny garden which became my little haven of tranquillity to retreat to from city life. It had birds, a mouse, squirrels, hedgehogs and a fox called hoppy that visited most nights. I packed lots into that little space with a brightly painted shed, summer seat and an abundance of plants that I lovingly tended. If it was dry I would often eat outside and listen to the sounds of nature that doubled my nourishment I'm sure. My neighbours above had their own way of having their little piece of garden and filled window boxes with salad leaves and tumbling tom thumbs in the summer and heathers and kale in the winter. It was a delight to see how creative they could be with their well cared for boxes and they would open their window to harvest and tend their crops. Others like me filled their home with leafy plants which brought fresh air inside and literally breathed life to the place. Green always nourishes and restores the heart energy centre so having parks and open green spaces in cities and in the country offers that infusion of colour to all. Watching things grow carries great purpose, joy and pleasure and I still love to be working with nature in all its astonishing ways to touch something deeper within my soul.

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