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Let the physical acts balance inner serenity

Maintain a state of balance between physical acts and inner serenity.

Gautama Buddha. Nepalese ascetic

This quote speaks to me of my forever aim to live as a “human being” rather than that of an over-enthusiastic “human doing”. Being of a practical nature I enjoy gardening, exercise, home projects, art, therapies, meditating, reading and writing to mention a few of my pastimes. I recognise a tendency to fit a lot into my days. I'm wondering if you are you an active person, always with a project in mind if not in action? This can be deeply rewarding and if able to engage in practical pursuits it can be a productive, natural disposition and automatic default setting. Lately, I have been more mindful of finding the balance. Allowing a slower pace to complete tasks, sitting longer to observe and enjoy what has been done and quieten the inner chatterbox that goes on about what is still on the to-do list. I have in fact abandoned lists. Allowing the weather, my mood, my wish, my want to have an influence over my choice of pastimes as I glide into a non-working. The result has been enlightening. My meditative state comes to me more quickly and concentration span has extended. I sit longer over meals, reading a book, talking on the phone to family and friends. Perhaps what interest me most is that I feel I am achieving more than enough and certainly feeling more fulfilled by pausing more often and checking in with myself regularly. Sleep comes more easily and a new day is more often welcomed with a refreshed body, mind and soul. Small changes of focus inviting my mind to settle more often throughout the day does feed an inner serenity which is welcome. The weeds will still be there tomorrow and might even have a flower on them to nourish the bees. All is more well in the garden of my soul.

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