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Colour is a POWER

Artist Wassily Kandinsky wrote

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.“

I could not agree more with this strong and clear statement. Lets explore this opinion.

When we look at something showing a bold and bright colour it announces itself to you. The invitation is there for you to respond to the vision. The exact response may be different for each of us but generally bright colours get our attention and that elicits recognition of some kind. We might say inwardly or exclaim aloud....... “ that’s very bold”, “that's a trifle sudden”, “that is striking”, “that’s a bit over the top” or “that’s fabulous” or anything in pleasing or appalling in between. What we feel, witness or say when we look at colour is deeply personal and unique in all the world just as we are. However, it is I believe a fact that colour offers an opportunity for us to engage with something deeper within our soul. We can choose to bring colours into our lives that allow us to feel good. Colours can be uplifting or sooth the soul. Colours can inspire or repulse us, they can breath energy and vitality into our being or be a soft blanket of calm and comfort.

Sometimes colour is a way of expressing ourselves and we can wear colours that we feel make a personal statement of who we feel we are. Sometimes we wear colours that fit an occasion, make our presence known or allow us to gently melt into a space and place. Their versatility is immense and in our homes we can surround ourselves with colours that suit our rooms and create an ambience that fits the space and influence out mood.

Nature leads the way and it is no surprise that we often feel good being around trees which present in many shades of green. Green is said to be the colour that nourishes our heart energy centre with a particular shade of green being your heart helper.

We all have the choice to allow colour into our life and time. Artists have a delightful opportunity to bring colours together and observe how light behaves on the canvas with colour. Engaging with art can be a great way to explore the influence of colour on the soul. Which colours and tones speak to you and could you bring those into your life and time to good effect.

I invite and encourage you to be open to colour. Even for a day take more time to look around and connect with the myriad of colours around you. Notice which colours draw you positively and commit to bringing them into your daily vision in some shape or form. Develop a new personal vocabulary with colour and explore how it influences your soul. Embrace that which makes you good and nourishes your soul. Allow colour to empower you.

More later in other Jude Chi Blogs on how to colour your life.

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