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Draw the nature nearer to you

My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature. Claude Monet, French painter

I have not been at Monet’s garden in France and it is indeed said to be a stunning natural and soul-nourishing place to be. I am aware also that we can all image being in a little corner of nature and drink thirstily of its beauty and the many miracles it offers. Its seasonal rhythms and surprises which it embraces and rolls with. Like the mid-May snow and sunshine days in the Scottish Highlands which surprised us let alone a new shoot of growth in search of the suns warmth. We might plant seeds and feel that child-like inner delight and wonder when they push through the soil. We might have herbs growing on a windowsill, tatties growing in a bag, a spider plant procreating and cascading its little offspring. Whatever nature you draw nearer to you, whatever your favourite flower or tree, a place to look at or seat to sit on it is always possible to quietly appreciate a little corner of nature.

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