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The power of Colours - Blue

“Colours, like features follow the changes of the emotions”

I speak a lot about how colours can influence our mood. Today I speak of how our emotions can influence our colour choices. If we are “feeling blue” to use that well-known expression, what does that actually mean? For most people, it means feeling a bit jaded, flat, down or under the weather. Sometimes we don't know exactly why we feel that way. Let me perhaps cast some light on that by sharing what the colour blue represents energetically.

BLUE relates to the throat energy centre of our body which is to do with our communication with self and others. It’s about our senses of sound, smell and taste and what we are taking in through these senses. I invite you to embrace the “blue feeling” and accept that “it is what it is”.

Might it be a calling you to allow the colour blue to be your helper? Perhaps you really need some blue in your life at this moment, on this day at this time.

Let's get active........... You could choose to wear blue. A scarf, socks, undies, tee-shirt, jumper, coat, whatever you can find. Look at the blue bits in the sky or other blue items around. Think about a shade of blue that you like, breath it in as if you are inhaling it into every cell of your being. Look at blue in painting and dive right in there. Eat blueberries, use a blue plate, drink water from a blue glass or cup, infuse yourself with blue. You might be able to safely immerse yourself in blue water out in nature or simply have a bath or shower and visualise your unique blue bathing you. Take time in nature to look for shades of blue. Sit down for a few moments, close your eyes, calmly and quietly think blue.

There are many ways to commune with the colour blue and look out for a shift in mood or not. Have no attachment and this focus certainly will do no harm.

It is said that blue balances us. It helps us to express our inner self and speak our truth with clarity and calm. Blue calms a busy mind and slows down communication if we are talking without thinking first. It is the colour that encourages us to think before we speak. Checking out if what we have to say is true, helpful and kind. I invite you to follow your emotions and let your shade of blue be your helper. BLUE IS BEAUTIFUL..... enjoy!

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