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What's the purpose of this storm?

When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about. Haruki Murakami

Out all weathers

Wherever the storm came from, whatever it is, how ever long it lasts, it is always a transient passage of time. There may be pain, hurt, sorrow and grief along the way. It may be hard to endure and difficult to understand. There are many things about storms that we simply cannot work out and perhaps its best not to try. The storm will still rage and do its thing and run its course. It catches us unawares, surprises us with is ferocity and its moments of seeming calm may be short lived. We will learn ways of coping, become resourceful, take one step in front of the other, get by day at a time and the turmoil will pass. We may tell ourselves that it could be worse and this is true. It is also true that “it is what it is” and having weathered the storm we can then know that we have that ability. Further down the line we can stand stronger, have more courage, faith and an inner knowing that we will be different and we will have changed. New ways of coping are discovered, stagnation is gone, there is movement and momentum and different ways of being are born. These new practices and behaviours often serve us more well and allow us to feel more confident, capable and empowered.

There may be no need to over think it all and labour over what has changed and how we are manifesting and planning to emerge on the other side. It may be enough to simply know that we have come through and feel an inner resolve knowing that you have what it takes to weather the storms.

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