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Why does the SPRING awaken something within our souls?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Are you like me and marvel at the sight of your first snow drop of the year? Do you feel even more amazed when it then disappears under the snow for days on end and emerges none the worse when the thaw comes?

There is something magical stirring inside when you notice the bulbs bursting through the cold and frosty ground and the birches with a purple hue as the leaf buds swell. If you see these delightful miracles and particularly enjoy the colours this is the artist in you. Nature has so much colour to nourish our soul when we take time to observe it. Even midst the monochrome shades of winter we can find a rainbow in nature. The myriad of lichens on stones, berries on trees, the sky reflected on the loch, the richness of conifer cones, the iridescent sparkle of snow that takes on every colour in the spectrum.

I invite you to pause, be still and celebrate the colour that is starting to vibrate around us feeding our optimism. Just like nature, when we have rested we can then feel our body opening up, our wings fluttering, our senses more alert. Spring is a season to be expressive, explore new paths, release old ways of being that no longer serve you well. Allow yourself to flourish and grow.

If you can see the colours, feel the air of Spring on your face why not express that creatively. I choose painting to express my joys of Spring, you may feel more drawn to music, writing, poetry, walking a different route. As I journey towards the first day of Spring when my CREATING SPACE art exhibition is launched, I also wish you a colourful journey that becomes more vibrant daily.

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